Club - benefits

What advantages does the club provide?

  • Faster and easier ordering via internet
  • Address book of the recipients
  • Reminder service which will make You remember about important days
  • Special offers - the possibility of ordering the special products with discount prices. The products are available ONLY for the Club Members! The offer is frequently updated according to the customer suggestions
  • Discounts and Rebates
  • Newsletter - recieving news about new promotions and special offers
  • We are giving the memebers of the club information about the best offers made only for them. We hope it will attract your interest. Each member can decide whether he/she wants to get this information.
  • Contests prepared by EuroFlorist.

The offer of the Club is prepared according to its members suggestions. In this way we can confrom our offer and services to the needs of the members

How to become a member of the Club?

To join EuroFlorist Club just fill out the registration form. You will become a member after sending it.
We encourage you to join the EuroFlorist Club!!

Questions and suggestions

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the EuroFlorist Club please write to